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My name in big letters

Welcome to, the web home of Sean Lynch. The purpose of my homepage is pure unadulterated self promotion. First and foremost, there are many links to my resume. The purpose of this is to convince prospective employers to give me that six-figure job as their resident guru :)

I also have some links to my friends and places around the web like Linux and open source software. Please explore a little and once again, Welcome!

Please visit My Blog, Fairleads. You'll be able to keep up with more of my useless ramblings there.


Linux What is Linux, You ask? It's an operating system created by Linus Torvalds and tens of thousands of other contributors around the world. You can check out My Linux Page to start, but you get to decide how far Linux can go.

You could also look at my list of links on the net worth visiting (maybe). Some of my friends and interests can be found there, if the links aren't too broken. You can find out more about me, and maybe discover that you want to hire me as a six-figure programming guru. Just stop by and examine my resume.

Perl is a great language for getting things done quickly. Visit the Perl home page to learn more. Perl is the duct tape that holds the internet together. Speaking of duct tape, remember that it has a dark side and a light side and that it binds the universe together.

Python is an amazing language for getting larger projects done right. There may be more ways to do things with perl, but python wants to offer you a better way to get things done. Visit the Python home page to learn more.


Ruby is an interpreted object oriented language aimed at being a more natural language to program in. Visit the ruby language home page to learn more.

Rails, as Ruby on Rails is often referred to, is a web frame work designed to take care of about 80% of your web app development needs. Rails has strict adherence to MVC framework design, accomplishes object - relational mapping of your data through Active Record, and is actually fun to use. Ruby on rails has taken the programming world by storm. Stop by the website and learn more!

New Mexico Tech is one of the fine institutions I matriculated from. Surf over to their web page to check out a great school. Or examine my resume for more information about other schools I attended.

If you want to e-mail me, please do. Especially with lucrative offers for programming jobs. Make sure you didn't miss my resume. After all what good is a web site if I don't get rich off of it?


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